School profile and educational concept


Providing individual support in a friendly, caring atmosphere and with a varied daily routine is at the centre of all the institutions of the Münchner Schulstiftung.



The Obermenzinger Gymnasium is located in the lovely residential district Obermenzing. With its small size and warm atmosphere, the Obermenzinger Gymnasium provides an environment in which both pupils and teachers feel comfortable and are able to build the foundation for a successful school experience.


More than instruction

Our Obermenzinger Gymnasium is an all-day school that offers a rhythmic daily routine, one that alternates between classroom instruction, independent learning and creative activities (AGs).

We focus on holistic personality development through our comprehensive range of additional activities in the creative, sport and musical arenas.

For us, education means much more than simply the imparting of knowledge.

We place just as much value on helping our pupils grow into well-rounded and responsible individuals.

Even within the framework of a standardized school system, we believe that a school should find individual solutions to help each child develop to his or her full potential.


Small classes

In order to give our pupils the individual attention they deserve, we strive to keep our classes as small as possible.

Our average class size is currently 21 to 22 pupils.


Two-teacher system

Our instruction is carried out within a "two-teacher system": in the lower grades an educational assistant (language assistant in the bilingual track) is in the classroom for most lessons. The educational assistant accompanies the pupils throughout the school day, including during the lunch break and study period.

In the middle grades the educational/language assistant continues to support the pupils on a more limited basis, for example in core subjects and in their study period.

The educational/language assistant will be your child's constant companion and main contact person throughout his or her school day.


Bilingual track

As of the school year 2013/2014 the Obermenzinger Gymnasium offers a bilingual track (German-English) for pupils who are already fluent English speakers. The role of educational assistant in the bilingual classes is filled by the English language assistant.



is another unique feature of the Obermenzinger Gymnasium. Interested pupils have the option, while working towards their Abitur certificate (general qualification for university entrance), of also acquiring a vocational qualification as a:

  • Accounting Data Entry Clerk (VDP),
  • Certified Business Assistant, Department of Business Management,
  • Multimedia Assistant (VBP).

With some courses this qualification will count as a recognised professional certification.


"Culture Afternoon"

In the 5th and 6th year students can choose between art, music and theatre.


Class discussions

Following a rotating schedule, every class can take one period per week for a class discussion on an as-needed basis. A class discussion can be initiated by either the pupils or the teacher.



Direct and open communication among pupils, parents and teachers - based on mutual respect and a friendly attitude - is a hallmark of our school.


Cultural Education

Diverse cultural education, wind instrument classes / choir, a number of elective courses and AGs such as individual music lessons, diving, golf, photography and computer hardware courses serve to complement and round off the full educational spectrum.


School psychology team

Our school psychology team, led by a qualified psychologist (Diplompsychologe), is always on hand to attend to any mental health or emotional issues and to support pupils with educational therapy, if needed.


School canteen

We also recognise the importance of a healthy diet. The Obermenzinger Gymnasium has its own canteen where our two chefs prepare lunch for our pupils.