to Obermenzinger Gymnasium!

Dear parents, dear students,


our school is a private high school that has existed since 1961 in the 'green district' of Obermenzing. Due to ambience and size, our school offers a pleasant environment. For us, our small class sizes are a prerequisite for a successful school career.

As one of the five institutions of the Munich School Foundation, the focus of our educational work is on the individual support of children and young people in a friendly, familial atmosphere with a varied daily routine.

Obermenzing Gymnasium is designed as an all-day school with a rhythmic daily routine, in which teaching/learning periods and creative phases ( supplemental groups, elective courses ) alternate.

We focus on holistic personality development with a comprehensive concept of creative, athletic and musical offerings, the Bavarian Abitur is the goal of our education at Obermenzing Gymnasium.

We mainly teach according to the two-teacher principle. This means that a pedagogical assistant (PA) supports the lower and middle grades along with the teacher in the classroom and accompanies the students through everyday school life.

Obermenzing Gymnasium offers a bilingual track (B-class = German-English class) for pupils with fluent English skills in grades 5–10. The pedagogical assistant for these bilingual classes is usually a native speaker of English.

ABlplus® is a training program offered by Obermenzing Gymnasium that is unique in the German school landscape. Interested students have the opportunity to acquire a professional qualification in addition to their Abitur: state-certified business assistant (specializing in information processing), IT accounting assistant, multimedia assistant. In some university courses, these professional qualifications will be taken into consideration and credited accordingly.

Diverse cultural education supplements our educational spectrum: here we offer supplemental groups such as brass groups, choirs, instrumental lessons, musicals, drama and numerous elective courses such as diving, golf, tennis, sailing, arts and crafts, Spanish, Chinese – to name just a few.

In 2018 the school was awarded the STEM-friendly school logo. It goes without saying that topics such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology are very important to us.

A team of experts in the field of school psychology, pastoral care and social pedagogy is on hand to provide psychological and pedagogical support.

An all-day school requires not only a varied daily routine, but also the right diet. Our school therefore has its own cafeteria, in which two chefs prepare fresh lunches every day.
There is a separate nutritional concept for this, which is based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society.

I hope you enjoy reading our website in-depth and that you leave well informed.

Sincerely, Dr. Oliver Berg (principal)